Proposal for 2018 Art Exhibit (due 6/1/2017)

To Charlie From Mother by Kathy Turner
Call for Proposals 2018 Art Exhibits at Del Ray Artisans Gallery Proposals due: Thursday, June 1, 2017 by midnight Del Ray Artisans is currently soliciting show proposals for next year’s calendar. Del Ray Artisans strives to offer exhibits that reach a broad and diverse audience, encourage artistic development, and represent a wide variety of art forms. The show proposal committee will review all proposals and make recommendations to the Board for final approval. Questions may be emailed ...

Through the Looking Glass (Entries due 2/20/2017)

Through the Looking Glass
Call for Entry Through the Looking Glass at Del Ray Artisans Gallery March 3-26, 2017 Digital entries due: Monday, February 20, 2017 by midnight Del Ray Artisans welcomes the strange, odd, and out of perspective: fish eye lens, mirror images, strange colors, impossible structures, pigs that fly, animals that dance. Through The Looking Glass is to be an ode to the childhood cult classic with a personal twist. Bring us your personal story of tumbling down the rabbit hole and the journey tr...

Call for Entry Archive (May 2010 – July 2016)

FUN-derful Digital entries due: Monday, July 18, 2016 The Main Attraction Show is FUN-derful for showcasing your Witty, Punny, Wacky, Schticky, Colorful, Silly, Quirky, Comical, Humorous and just LOL FUN art! Lookie! Lookie! This curated exhibition is open to all area artists for artwork in all mediums—everything that puts a smile on your face. Also check out the SideShow FUN-raiser "Can You Spare a Square?" (details in the FUN-derful call for entry). Drop off for accepted exhibit artwork is ...