“Art Squared” Art Exhibit at Del Ray Artisans Gallery

Periodic at 475 by Monica Hokeilen
Exhibit Dates: February 2 - 25, 2018 Opening Reception: Friday, February 2 from 7-9pm The Art2 (Art Squared) exhibit at Del Ray Artisans gallery explores the synergy of art with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This show runs February 2-25, 2018, and overlaps with National Engineering Week and includes workshops to engage STEM-interested public of all ages. Come see how creativity drives the mind to explore and inspires scientists to ask questions and search for un...

“Captured Beauty”: A Photography Exhibition at Del Ray Artisans Gallery

Artscape 22 by David Heckman
Exhibit Dates: October 6 - 29, 2017 Opening Reception: Friday, October 6 from 7-9pm Del Ray Artisans and Union 206 Studio present Captured Beauty photography exhibition, which showcases artists’ visions of beauty as fine art. While there is no universal definition, fine art photography is about how artists communicate their vision, whether an idea, a message, or an emotion. The camera is merely a tool to make an art piece that reveals the artist’s vision and produces a more personal – typicall...

“Childhood Passions” Art Exhibit at Del Ray Artisans Gallery

Childhood Passions by Karen Laurie Thomas and Pat Stacy
Exhibit Dates: September 1 - October 1, 2017 Opening Reception: Friday, September 1 from 7-9pm What were you passionate about as a child that you don’t have much time for now? We’ve all had childhood dreams and passions. Things that we did that brought us complete joy without anyone telling us to do it. We did it instinctively because it was playful, fun, and made us feel alive. As we grow up, we tend to lose touch with the ability to play like a child and the experience of doing things for th...

“Clowning Around” Art Exhibit at Del Ray Artisans Gallery

Clowning Around by Gordon Frank
Exhibit Dates: August 4 - 27, 2017 Opening Reception: Friday, August 4 from 7-9pm Clowns have been the subjects of paintings and graphics for centuries. Clowning Around is an exhibit that reveals local artists’ inner clowns through art in fun, playful, sadistic, comedic, and tragic ways. Clowns have always evoked a variety of emotions from people. Many people are happy clown believers, drawn towards fanciful circus graphics or sympathetic weeping hobo clowns. Others prefer their clowns to be s...

Del Ray Artisans’ Grown-Ups Art Camp

Grown-Ups Art Camp 2017
June 26 - July 14, 2017 Dip into some GUAC – Grown-Ups Art Camp, that is! Del Ray Artisans is pleased to present this year’s smorgasbord of classes. The variety of workshops offered will be for all skill levels and art experience. We have workshops for you to discover and inspire your creative side. You can start with drawing, painting and sculpture. Or, do you like jewelry, or working with fabric? We offer classes that give you the opportunity to make something to wear that you can take home. ...

2017 Youth Summer Art Camp at Del Ray Artisans

Welcome to Art Camp
Choose Week: July 17-21 or July 24-28 from 9am-4pm daily For Ages: 8-14 years old Register now for the 2017 Del Ray Artisans Youth Summer Art Camp! Youth ages 8-14 years old are invited to spend a week with professional educational staff at Del Ray Artisans creating art and architecture, learning a range of creative techniques. Art Camp is a one-week experience for campers of “Building BIG” using all kinds of materials and inspiration. To build big, we will be investigating different architect...

“Breaking the Glass Ceiling – The Sky’s the Limit” Art Exhibit at Del Ray Artisans Gallery

The Sky is the Limit by Heike Gramckow
Exhibit Dates: March 31 – April 30, 2017 Opening Reception: Friday, March 31 from 7-9pm "Breaking the Glass Ceiling - The Sky’s the Limit" reflects on the metaphor “breaking the glass ceiling”, pushing through a tough, not quite invisible barrier that keeps many from reaching their full potential or their dreams beyond a certain level in a hierarchy or in society. Breaking glass, breaking barriers, reaching beyond traditional boundaries, stretching beyond one’s own and society’s current limits...

“Through the Looking Glass” Exhibit at Del Ray Artisans Gallery

Through the Looking Glass
Opening Reception: Friday, March 3 from 7-9pm Exhibit Dates: March 3-26, 2017 Del Ray Artisans welcomes the strange, odd, and out of perspective: fish eye lens, mirror images, strange colors, impossible structures, pigs that fly, animals that dance. "Through The Looking Glass" is an ode to the childhood cult classic with a personal twist. Artists bring their personal story of tumbling down the rabbit hole and the journey traveled. Summoned forth are the most elegant and colorful Jabberwockies,...

“A New Beginning” at VCA Alexandria Animal Hospital

New Beginnings by Eileen O'Brien
Exhibit Dates: January 29-May 21, 2017 "A New Beginning" art exhibit at the Veterinary Clinics of America Alexandria Animal Hospital (VCA Alexandria) presents Del Ray Artisans members’ interpretations of a new start or starting over. The exhibit is a part of Del Ray Artisans’ Gallery Without Walls program in partnership with VCA Alexandria and features paintings, photography, and mixed media works of art to delight and awe. The artwork will be displayed on the walls of the VCA Alexandria Ani...

“Lovers” Art Exhibit at Del Ray Artisans Gallery

Lovers Art Exhibit
Opening Reception: Friday, February 3 from 7-9pm Exhibit Dates:  February 3 - 26, 2017 Broken hearts, far apart, still together, despite the weather.  Lovers will celebrate the spirit of Valentines Day throughout the month of February.  This show features Del Ray Artisans (DRA) members’ interpretations of affectionate pairings in 2D and 3D mediums. Artists’ new handmade cards will also be available during this exhibit. Please join us for the opening reception on Friday, February 3 from 7-9pm. ...