Board & Committees

The Board of Directors consists of volunteer Officers and Directors [position descriptions]. The Officers and Directors are elected by the Members at the Fall Annual Meeting by a majority or plurality vote of the attending Members as specified in the bylaws. Terms of office are one-year from January 1 to December 31. View past Board of Directors volunteers

2017 Board of Directors

Kim Joy
(2018 Drew Cariaso)
John Bordner Vice President
Kathryn Brown Secretary
Stephen Lally Treasurer
Nancy Kline Assistant Treasurer
Sean Crumley
(2018 David McClure)
Director of Archives
Rita Schooley Director of Communications
Marlin Lord Director of Community (Business Liaison)
Kathy Turner Director of Curating
Kurt Peterson Director of Facilities
Joe Franklin Director of Fundraising Events
Cheryl Lavoie
(2018 Betsy Mead)
Director of Grants & Sponsorship
Drew Cariaso
(2018 Sophia Suarez)
Director of Membership
Sophia Suarez
(2018 David Heckman)
Director of Outreach
Michele Reday Cook
(2018 Stacy Rausch)
Director of Programs
Dale Spivey Director of Technology
Joshua Oliveira (1/1-6/30)
Tracy Wilkerson (present)
(2018 Judy Lynn)
Director of Volunteers
Lydia Walter (1/1-7/31)
(2018 Leigh Lafosse)
Director of Youth Programs
Michele Reday Cook
(2018 Kim Joy)
Immediate Past President


Other Key Contacts

Betsy Mead, Anna Sherlock & Celeste Zabowski General Inquiries
Marlin G. Lord Adopt-a-Park Coordinator,
Colasanto Park
Susan Tremblay  Art Camp Administrator 2017
Eileen O’Brien & Pamela Underhill Gallery Without Walls Coordinator
Pamela Underhill Gardens Curator
Grown-Ups Art Camp Coordinator
Holiday Market Coordinator
Katherine Rand Life Drawing Coordinator
Kathy Stoner Newsletter Editor,
The Well-Crafted Word
Betsy Mead & Anna Sherlock Office Manager
Liz Martinez Social Media Committee Chair
Tamara Wilkerson Spring Art Market Coordinator 2017
Student Show Curator
Gale Goldfarb Sunshine Maker
Dawn Wyse Hurto Web Curator
Mel Bikowski & Jana Bertucci Weekly eNews Editor