About Del Ray Artisans

Our Mission

Del Ray Artisans, founded in 1992, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote art for the benefit of artists and the community.


The purposes for which DRA is organized are (i) to support new and emerging artists and artisans, (ii) to develop and foster community based arts activities, events and organizations, (iii) to develop and promote the arts as a resource for community outreach and (iv) to make more available and accessible to the general public the full range of creative expression and artistic endeavors in the visual, performing and applied arts.


DRA supports the development of artists at all levels. It serves as a center for thriving artistic activity in the Del Ray community. Through effective leadership and wise management of its resources, DRA continues to expand the scope of its services to artists and its outreach to the greater community.


25 Years of Creating Opportunity Through Art

Creating an Inclusive Thriving Art Community

Del Ray Artisans emphasizes support for emerging artists. Our focus on inclusiveness has attracted artisans with many skills, serving as a center for thriving artistic activity in the Del Ray community.

“Working with my hands has always been essential. As a young adult I found my way to art as a respite of a complicated life, enjoying the benefits of the therapy I get from it. My involvement in Del Ray Artisans has given me an education in what it takes to pull people together to accomplish something meaningful for the community.”   – T. Kulstad, member

Helping Del Ray Thrive

“The beneficial economic and cultural impact of the arts on our community, cannot be overstated. Organizations like Del Ray Artisans that seek to make art more accessible to the community-at-large and that provide exhibition space to student and emerging artists have my particular support. The arts help to qualify the vibrancy, diversity and culture contained in Alexandria, and in a broader sense in cities all across our Nation. The arts bestow an identity to communities; one that is truly and meaningful to their respective residents.”     – Former Mayor Bill Euille

Building Confidence and Inspiring Greatness

“DRA early on became an art space and then gallery where many local artists both displayed and sold their art for the very first time! I have had so many conversations with artists who were elated by the encouragement and opportunity to take the bold steps needed to share their art with the public.”     – Co-founder Kathryn Brown

Enlisting Volunteer Support

With only part-time paid staff, DRA’s activities are primarily designed, developed and implemented with thousands of hours of volunteer time.