Through the Looking Glass (Entries due 2/20/2017)

Call for Entry
Through the Looking Glass at Del Ray Artisans Gallery
March 3-26, 2017

Digital entries due: Monday, February 20, 2017 by midnight

Through the Looking Glass
“Down the Rabbit Hole” by Joshua Oliveira

Del Ray Artisans welcomes the strange, odd, and out of perspective: fish eye lens, mirror images, strange colors, impossible structures, pigs that fly, animals that dance. Through The Looking Glass is to be an ode to the childhood cult classic with a personal twist. Bring us your personal story of tumbling down the rabbit hole and the journey traveled. Have you ever captured on canvas, a strange dream in which an orange queen ordered everyone’s heads to be chopped off? ┬áSummon forth your most elegant and colorful Jabberwockies, chess pieces fighting to the death, and wild toothy grins.

Entry Details & Form (PDF)